Eu structural assistance for 2007–2013 - aplinkos projektų valdymo agentūra


During the period of 2007-2013, the funds from the EU Cohesion and Structural Funds were used to:


- address to water supply and wastewater management development issues;


- create an effective water resource management system and improve the quality of ground water, thereby, reducing the risk to human health;


- ensure efficiency of municipal and hazardous waste management system, as well as create a biodegradable waste management system and the relevant waste collection infrastructure;


- prevent and reduce the negative impact of recreational activities on protected areas and protected species thereof, as well as reduce damage caused by the intensive economic activities to valuable and picturesque landscape complexes, while maintaining a sustainable use of natural resources;


- ensure a stable state of the Lithuanian Baltic Sea coast;


- upgrade and integrate modern environmental monitoring and pollution control measures;


- develop responsible public attitude towards the natural environment.