Our dedicated staff share their expertise internationally and provide premium consulting services, peer to peer assistance and trainings to public sector colleagues in the following fields:

➡️ Public investments management (legislation, implementation and control);

➡️ Administration of EU funds:

- Legislation;

- Contract awards;

- Public procurement;

- Cost benefit analysis;

- Cost evaluations, budget justification;

- Monitoring of project implementation;

- On-the-spot checks;

- Prevention and investigation of irregularities;

- Development of e-tools.

➡️ Climate change mitigation and adaptation;

➡️ Water management:

- Drinking water infrastructure;

- Wastewater treatment infrastructure;

- Capacity building of water companies;

- Water resource management and protection.

➡️ Waste management:

- Municipal waste treatment infrastructure;

- Preparation of municipal waste for recycling;

- Incineration of municipal waste;

- Capacity building of waste companies. 

➡️ Protection of biodiversity;

➡️ Energy efficiency;

➡️ Landscape protection;

➡️ Seaside band management;

➡️ Management of protected areas;

➡️ Management of contaminated sites;

➡️Improving the status of water bodies;

➡️Public awareness of the environmental issues;

➡️ Strengthening of environmental monitoring and control;

➡️ Visibility / public relations / raising awareness;

➡️Human resource management in public sector;

➡️ Institutional capacity building.