Mission, vision & values - aplinkos projektų valdymo agentūra


Our mission is to ensure legitimacy, eligibility and rationality of environmental projects funded by European Union and the Republic of Lithuania.



Our vision is to become the key reliable partner for contractors of environmental projects.




- We aim to create value in all our actions.
- We use our resources efficiently.
- We are professionals, who implement every task qualitatively and expeditiously.

Continuous improvement

- We analyse and evaluate our activities continuously; seek to improve the performance of Agency and to retain institutional memory.
- We encourage staff to seek better results constantly.
- We are willing to change.


- We aim to be partners for contractors.
- We are open, friendly and cooperative.
- We are interested in achieving comprehensive success in each project.

Respect for persons and ideas

- We value people, our colleagues and partners, and contribute to their progress and development. We create an open working environment based on trust and partnership.
- We value and foster innovation.
- We are a socially responsible organisation and feel committed to the society and environment.