Social responsibility - aplinkos projektų valdymo agentūra


Commitment to employees

The Agency especially appreciates its employees. The Agency fosters favourable working environment and focuses much on dialoque with employees, as well as their involvement in important decision-making processes. It ensures continuous staff training and professional development. In order to develop family-friendly working environment, the Agency organizes family afternoon activities, where employees’ children have the opportunity to see parents’ activities and results.

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Commitment to community 

The Agency is a socially active participant, seeking to contribute to the social progress. The employees are actively participating in public campaigns. Gratuitous blood donation campaigns are arranged annually. During its traditional Christmas charity campaign, the Agency supports public organizations (Retirement Home Širvintų Šv. Arkangelo Mykolo parapijos senelių globos namai in 2012; Project Doctors Clowns: a Laugh Virus for Ill Children and PI Gyvūnų Namai in 2013). In order to educate responsible and active young generation, the Agency cooperates withJunior Achievement Lithuania, by implementing programmes promoting initiatives of youth.

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Commitment to the environment

The field of activities of the Agency obliges us to arrange our activities in a way to minimize a negative impact on the environment. The employees of the Agency willingly arrive to work by bicycles and use comfortable bicycle parking racks. We focus on green procurement performance and use environmentally friendly paper.